COMTACS are the newest worst headset in the game.

TLDR: Are comtacs DESTROYED this patch?

I would have been able to tell where he was WITH OUT headphones, or with Sordins (my main), unless they ****ed up all headsets. I made NO CHANGES to audio settings pre or post-wipe.


I couldn't tell this guy was in front of me, left, right up down. HE WAS INSIDE MY FUCKING HEAD. By the time I figured it out, he was running RIGHT FUCKING IN FRONT OF ME and instantly shot me in the face. I still couldn't tell where he was UNTIL visually seeing him, at which point he shot me in the face. FUCK bsg Jesus wth!?!


I'm still amazed/stumped that I could not tell where he was (I was inside a bunch of trees, SURROUNDED by trees) Guy manages to run 3-4 ft away from me and instant shoot me in face (I had armor/helmet… class3. fuck). He had no idea I was there and must've been as surprised as I was. I made no noise. He's streaming without "headset" on ingame.


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