Concepts that make little to zero sense to me.

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  1. Immunity: Can't interact with it except if I interact with the specified row OR have some sort of random/automatic effect that requires no manual targeting.
  2. Some neutrals being absolutely cosmetic: I get it, some neutrals are like a deterrent for certain situations…..but as ridiculus as it sounds, wolf pack is an unconditional 4 for 4 in the same game that we got 7 for 4s or even higher.
  3. Less row lock on the newer cards: Instead of making new removal cards ( Coated weapons , Hysteria etc. ) , why don't you focus on other concepts that enforce a different way of dealing with cards? (Poison exist okay but still row lock is like a niche restriction).
  4. Oneiromancy: Oh I wanted to talk about that one for a long time. So you're not reworking lesser neutrals that nobody is playing even in the most niche case, but hey for 3 provisions more than royal decree, fables and Sage you can get all these 3 together. At least make them 9 provisions or something.
  5. Concepts that make no sense on certain factions: Quick example being Joachim De Wett. So he's a soldier and a spy and he's boosting the upcoming card that is being played from the top spot of your deck after his deploying by 8. Like how about you lower his provisions and give him something that's more NG like instead of doing MO shenanigans on a faction that's all about messing with you.
  6. Powercreep: Quick example and question at the same time. How many of you play werewolf (4 strength 4provs, immunity) and in what list? There is literally a 7 for 4 that despite requiring devotion, who even cares? Mo doesn't give a damn about neutrals eitherway. Similar concepts exist on other factions as well.

Now let me offer a few suggestions.

  1. Remove immunity: Nobody would care if it was gone anyway. I mean come on, how many immunity cards exist? Are they more than 10 ?
  2. Either nerf the overall values of some ludicrous cards out there, or give them 2 row lock abilities, Example: Wolf pack, 4 strength 4 points, deploy (melee): damage an enemy unit by 2. Deploy (ranged): spawn a 2 power copy of wolfpack on the same row. Theory-craft that same concept on other neutrals.
  3. Bring reach back into the game: Removing reach was sketchy. The whole concept of moving cards got downgraded to oblivion. The only faction which truly cares about movement is ST and while this is absolutely fine, what's not fine is the fact that by removing reach, you gave a lot of cards signifcant strengths that weren't meant to be. For example, being able to ping damage anywhere at anytime instead of managing other factors such as reach that were interesting in a way. Also, can somebody explain to me pretty please why newer cards aren't having row lock as much (or more like at all), older cards?
  4. Already typed it and I'll do so again. Make Decree, fables and Sage 9 provisions to make them a bit more appealing vs oneiro which is all 3 of them. How many people play these 3 anyway? Viy lists play decree with oneiro, okay. Sage and Fables are lesser seen because if you want to afford one of these, you might as well afford oneiro anyway. Come on.
  5. Give certain faction cards abilities that have more synergy within a concept, rather than filling the gap with pointslams or whatnot. Joachim, who was my example, serves perfectly here. the 8 point boost can be added at any card as a secondary effect and considered having as much sense as Joachim has. His 1st part of his ability is okay, it has synergy, it serves the archetype that NG has to offer but the +8 is just unecessary. So lower Joachim's provisions and make it like this:

Joachim De Wett, 3 Strength, 6 provisions, Deploy: Draw and play the top non disloyal card of your deck. If it's a unit, lock the unit(s) adjacent of Joachim. If it's a special, return Joachim on your side of the board. Maybe you could change something, but this looks already better (thematically and even in gameplay), than ''I pointslam then Coup de grace then pointslam again, then Gorthur next round, then Canta for another pointslam with another Coup''.

6) Tone values down.

That's all. I'm certainly wrong about something. That's why I've made this post. So you can all correct me in case (or certainty), that I missed something.


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