Confessions of a Rat

I'm new this wipe and initially hated this game because of the insane skill ceiling, overly complicated everything, dogshit UI, and ridiculously long que times. Was just getting absolutely bodied every game and lost on most of the maps.

Then I killed my first Chad and now I can't put the game down.

I know a lot of people hate rats, and understandably so. But there is no better feeling than dumping a mag of shit tier ammo into a Chad's back and then slurping up all that insured gear. Am I a sadist? To me the only fun part of this game is ruining a Chad's raid.

Killing Chad's has become less of a challenge. I think its partly due to the fact that I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing half the time so the Chad I'm hunting can't anticipate my movements. Acting irrationally seems to work somewhat well, but grenade spam and map knowledge I can tell are still holding me back.

I initially had gear fear and didn't want to bring in my meta guns ripped from Chad corpses. All I had to do was eventually lose basically everything of value in my stash to realize that its all pointless. You can bring in as much gear as you want and still get 1 tapped by a rat in the shadows. Hell, some runs I don't even bother bringing armor in. If a Chad was going to land any shots on me in the first place than I'd probably be dead to their meta gun with high tier AP ammo anyway.

I stopped really caring about loot. There's no reason for me to be worried about losing my tier 3 armor and my pieced together gun that costs like 1/5 of my net worth when I can just kill a thiccboi Chad and take their tier 5 armor and M4 loaded with ammo that costs more per bullet than my entire loadout.

I'm pretty sure I'm playing the game wrong, but honestly I don't think I even care anymore. Even if I end up dying on the way to extract most games, I still end up having fun just with the anticipation of killing a Chad and taking their shit.

Is it bad that I don't really ever want to become a Chad? I don't necessarily want to do 0 to hero runs every raid, but I find spawning with a relatively shit gun, killing some scavs for a backpack / ammo and then just apeing the nearest PVP area to surprise a Chad has become my favorite way to play.

Anyone have any thoughts on playing like this? Anyone have other fun ways to play this game that they'd recommend?


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