Confused on what to get with your voucher? This guide will help you decide based on your personal preference. This applies to people who recommend heroes and weapons to the people as well.

Due to the sudden increase of "what should I spend my voucher on?" posts, which is a good thing. People are confused on what hero they would recruit or what weapon they would research. There are wrong examples of researching weapons from people. For example:

Get the potshot, best launcher in the game

(Random person on the internet)

While we know the fact this is true and it's one of the top tier explosive weapons. But still you are not helping the player who is asking about it, like what hero does he play? what weapons does he use? Another example:

get gravedigger, because it's one great AR

(Another random person on the internet)

Ever wondered there are other weapons that can simply outclass it as well? This is another wrong example of wrong choosing. But ever wondered what happens if people chosen the wrong heroes as well? Here is an example based on my experience:

Lynx is the best hero in the game!

(a carried low PL player in twine peaks with no idea how to play)

This has caused the current wrong idea of heroes "if she beats the hardest mission in the game, she beats all". This is completely wrong in every area. Lynx is only usable in Msk. While she is completely useless outside it.

This guide's purpose is to help the players choose the perfect heros and weapons based on preference.

Let's begin, shall we?

Stage 1: Brainstorming

You may ask yourself few questions:

  • Which hero class do you like to play most?

(Hint: Soldier, Ninja, Constructor, or Outlander)

  • Which weapon class do you like to play with?

(Hint: Ranged or Melee)

  • If you like ranged weapons, then which subclass?

(Hint: Assault Rifles, SMGs, Pistols, Shotguns, Snipers)

  • If you like melee weapons, then which subclass?

(Hint: Swords, Hardware, Clubs, Axes, Spears, Scythes)

Here is what matters most. Because this will not only make you pick your own weapons and heroes, but also make you spend your flux and your tickets on the right heroes and weapons.

Stage 2: Deciding

Here is how a correct way of choosing a weapon if someone asks:

Player A: I am playing ninjas, any weapon to get?

Player B: which weapons do you like most? Melee or Ranged?

Player A: Melee

Player B: which subclass do you like to play?

Player A: swords

Player B: I recommend researching spectral blade, storm blade, or vacuum tube sword.

This is how it should work. Or else people would research something and then they regret it later.

But what about heroes? Here is another good example of doing it:

Player A: I am looking for good heroes, who to get?

Player B: Which hero class do you like to play most?

Player A: Constructors

Player B: Which weapons do you like to play most?

Player A: Melee weapons

Player B: Which melee subclass do you like to play?

Player A: hardware melee weapons

Player B: I recommend getting Guardian Bull, ED-EE, also two rad heroes along with applying Totally Rocking Out team perk

This is how it should work. Or people would waste their stuff again.

Stage 3: Finalization

After you're done with deciding and/or helping a person deciding. They now have an idea on how they pick their things based on Preference. So please, make people choose based on Preference

TL;DR: help the people deciding based on how they play rather than recommending them the same weapons every time than helping them waste their vouchers over the same things every time which causes them to regret it later on.

Thank you for reading.


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