Considering The New wave of people we need to remember that not everyone uses Reddit

We all know that They are people here who have created many Useful guides and in general they are people who answer the questions people make and they do a Magnificent work

But considering the fact that not everyone uses Reddit people who are here quite a long time and know how the game work should think the idea to Guide the new players to work on their progress and not just to get carried

This is an opportunity for the creation of a healthier player base

Instead of jumping on Stonewood as an Endgame player on a SSD assist or a mission

Experienced Players should consider the idea to try play again with what tools they had back when you all begin

A new player would react different to someone who seems to carry a whole inventory of high power weaponry with an OP Loadout and with A Twine Required Power Level and way differently to someone who uses what the game first gives

A lower profile to look like a new player among the other it will probably make them react perhaps more comfortably

If a healthy player base gets developed we might see more people coming on the future and that could lead to more good things!


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