Consistently losing, can’t get out of my rank

Yennefer's Journey

Hi everyone. I've been playing this game for about a year now. I have been following people on YouTube and their deck styles. I don't really have an interest in getting in the proleague, but just play this for fun. But after the new update I have been losing close to almost every game I play. It's making it really un-fun for me now. I can't tell if I'm not playing my cards correctly or I just keep getting unlucky and never get the cards I actually would need to play (I know without a video of a game of mine you wouldn't be able to tell either). I've been a big Commandos fan since before the update, and brought myself from rank 20 to rank 5 with that deck. But, after this newest update I can't seem to win against just about any deck/faction. Out of interest of branching out to other factions, I switched to a Dwarf deck and I've won 10 times out of 35 games. I'm just sort of ranting here because I don't want to lose interest in this game solely because I keep losing, because I do find it rather enjoyable. I just don't find it fun when after about 65 matches and my win rate is 41% including both decks.

Currently these are the two decks I am using. I'm open to suggestions, help, etc.

Dwarf Deck:

Commando Deck:


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