Constructive criticism and a wishlist.

Maypoles, Flower/Berry Spawns, & Seed Crops should increase honey yield.

Hello everyone, so I’ve recently achieved my 100th hour of Valhiem and thought it a good time to make mention of both my optimism as well as pain points regarding this incredibly revolutionary game.

To start, I think it worth mentioning how my time has been spent(rounding for clarity)

Play through 1: 25 hours, reached iron.
Play through 2: 40 hours, reached silver (with a friend)
Play through 3(solo): 10 hours, stagnated in bronze tier.
Play through 4 (trio): 15 hours, elder down, haven’t moved into the swamp yet.
Play through 5 (weekends with my cousin): 10 hours, currently on world tour looking for the merchant.

Having been through the opening of the game as much as I have, I can say that I have 3 massive pain points, a minor grievance, and outside of that just a lot of praise for the game, so let’s get into it:

Pain point 1: Bronze is too expensive, like, you’re using 2 copper and a tin, you should at least get 2 bars out of that.

Pain point 2: trees suck. In basically every play through I’m doing, I’m the designated builder for the group, which spends probably 60% of our time cutting trees just to build a fairly basic facility to serve our purposes, wood should take up half as much weight, and trees should drop twice as much wood.

Pain point 3 (this is the biggest one): the progression loop is artificially inflated by item upgrades. Like to compare to a similar game with a “kill boss, move on” progression loop like terraria, you craft an item, it’s done. You can enchant it later, but you don’t have to go farm more of the same old stupid mats to make you low efficiency item marginally more powerful THREE TIMES… I’d prefer that armor, weapons, and tools only have 1 item grade, with perhaps an optional upgrade to remove durability, but no power. Perhaps standardize everything around the base item power plus one or two upgrades, but having to get 60 iron to upgrade an item that took 20 iron to make is lox-sh*t.

Minor grievance 1: poison is OP, please need, especially in the swamp.

Minor grievance 2: armor takes up bag space, please give it its own slots and no weight cost (it should still slow us, but it shouldn’t limit our carrying capacity).

More set bonuses for armor
-remove the cloak from set requirements
Have the cloak in each progression tier grant resistance to some relevant damage type in that tier (like add a cloak to the swamp tier that grants poison resistance, convert lox to impale resistance for deathsquitos, and so on)

More path and stairs options.
Make chains placeable.
Add some sort of permanent health and stamina upgrade that can run alongside food buffs.
Make bees less picky about their location.
New walls (as a defensive structure)
Mithril tier
Gold ore to make gilded furniture or craft able coins.
Climbable ygdrassil

That’s all for now.
Thank you for reading.


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