Content in 2021?

Hey all, let me prephase by saying I stopped playing the game in I think 2018-2019. I had played for quite some time but the big underlying issue was a lack of content. Just for example I did hauling for a big part of my beginner experience but found it turned repetitive as while the visuals and immersion was impressive I was in essense just going station to station, clicking some menus and then repeating. Similar issues with other things. Sure you could be a bounty hunter but that devolved into grinding inside haz rezs for hours on end. Along with that some things felt built to be grindy like trying to get permits for the corvette or cutter, or the grind for prismatic fields, and of course who can forget engineering…

Now in 2021 I'm 1 seeing that I haven't played for a while and 2 the game is getting a huge expansion. My 2 questions are, 1 in the games state has there been some amount of added gameplay loops added to make the game worth getting back into AND/OR is there a promise of this content being added in odyssey. I'm seeing all the stuff on the new planets and the space legs and all that and while I think that's incredibly cool my more pertinent issue is if there's interesting gameplay loops being added.


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