Continent shapes are always close to the same?

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So I was checking out some of my maps in a seed generator, and I noticed two had a very similar shaped continent, in different parts of the world. I decided to compare them, and I noticed that it wasn't just similar… it was the same. The shape of the continent (and the placement of mountain biomes, for some reason), appears to be the same. I check this for a while, trying to confirm what I was seeing. I pulled up my other world to see if I could find the same shape, and boom… there it was. I checked this sub for any evidence of this, and sure enough I found a post from about 10 months ago pointing out the same thing. I checked *those* seeds and found the SAME SHAPE in both. The only differences are that most biomes seem to be randomized, save for the mountains. There are also minor terrain changes, such as channels being present or absent.

I guess this doesn't have much of a point, its just kinda fascinating. I'm curious to see how many other people have noticed this, but I've found it in 6 maps total, which includes 4 of my 5 worlds and 2 from another post, well before H&H, which to me says this is pretty baked into the worldgen system somehow.

It appears that the particular island/continent group is at different spots in every world, but all the surrounding terrain matches up between worlds too.

If anyone knows more about this, I'm curious to hear what you have to say!

World 1:
(The spawn continent is the island group)

World 2:
(You see the same motif in the south/central continent of the world)

World 3:
(Found in the northwest area of the map)

World 4:
(Far northwest, cut off by terrain gen but still a match)

World 5:
(Far northwest too)

World 6:
(Far northwest, shockingly)


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