Continuation of my previous post… And another question. Speed VS Armor?

First off, about my AP-20 post, sorry of the overreaction, I got pissed because it seemed BS without checking my info; I usually keep my calm and didn't this time, that's on me.

I did mention in there the question of armor vs speed and stealth, that a buddy of mine actually mostly runs PACA to keep himself light and nimble while protecting himself from 9mm and fragmentation, which, to my surprise, seems to work very well for him and his trusty MP5SSD, and after trying it with only not head protection, I seemed to do somewhat better, assuming most calibers would go through my loosy Class 3/4 helmet really easily.

So I wonder, should I go light myself? Get a helmet only if I know I got some CQB to do? I usually run Shoreline (beautiful map, and decent loot) so CQB can be pretty easy to avoid for me, so maybe the light side should be my priority?


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