Controversial opinion: Megathreads about cheating are the best way to reduce the visibility of how severe the issue is

There's a sticky post about whether or not to redirect all the posts about cheating into a megathread.

I watched this happen last time and it did the following negative things:

  1. Reduced the visibility of how bad the problem really is
  2. Reduced the visible community outrage
  3. Pushed people to stop commenting about cheating.

Now if you're one of those 'OMG, I've never seen a cheater ever, pls shut up now' or 'Of course this game is hell on earth due to cheaters, just shut up and take it' types, a megathread is fantastic. You can easily go on ignoring the problem and BSG can pretend it's a non-issue from a PR standpoint.

The way I see it, we (the players) can't do anything effective in regards to cheaters, that ball is in BSG's court.

BSG is fine with minor attempts at anti-cheat that don't actually reduce the problem, just shuffle it around and get cheaters to buy a fresh copy of the game.

As long as new players keep coming in, they have zero motivation to do anything that's effective. If a potential new player looks at buying the game and sees a ton of posts about cheating being a horrible problem in the game, they're going to buy something else.

Until new players stop coming in, you won't see anything effective from BSG.

Bad press is the only lever we have that will actually get BSG to take something other than half measures.


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