Convincing the crew to vote an innocent without saying they are the imp

As an imp I managed to get everyone to vote out blue for being creep, and gave them no evidence of blue being an imp.

Blue entered the lobby and said "pink you're hot" then multiple compliments i did not ask for. When a body was found they went "pink i love you" (they were reporting the body btw)
I told the crew "vote out blue for being a creep"
Blue said a couple more things and quite a few players went "blue wtf?"
I continued with "vote out blue just for being a creep" and guess what, they did vote out blue.
No information about the body was divulged and I got an easy kill.
I was hoping to kill blue, but I took satisfaction in getting them voted of without even accusing them of being the imp.
Nobody sussed me either, because I wasn't technically wrong. Never said blue was the imp, just a creep which they were.


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