Could CD Project going public be what affected the company and Gwent the most?

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No doubt everyone has something to say about CD Project at this point, but I have been thinking about it constantly and wondering how we even got here. As time has passed I keep finding myself believing that the company deciding to go public is what caused the majority of the changes within the company that we have begun to notice and be unsatisfied with.

I understand private companies still have shareholders to appeal to but once you go public your shareholders are much more diversified and pleasing the majority becomes more difficult and the company must begin to think of shareholders before all else. You may think that creating good games and being open is what maximizes shareholder value but if that were the case then EA wouldn't be one of the most valuable gaming companies in the world. CD Project has to maximize their shareholder value now and so how do they do that? Not through Gwent obviously. Although Gwent offers a continuous revenue stream it is nowhere near the levels of their main titles like Witcher or Cyberpunk. Give that disastrous launch I imagine all the company's efforts have been so focused on damage control and keeping shareholders on board after the cyberpunk disaster that they have almost no manpower or incentive for that matter to even look at Gwent beyond the standard new expansions/seasons. This is why I think Gwent has been ignored because if the company were to put an enormous amount of effort into test playing or balancing, they'd probably end up with less value as a company than if they put that into Cyberpunk.

Look at the stock this past year, when it gets like this the company has no choice but to go into complete damage control, and even if they were to double revenue from Gwent it wouldn't fix their problem. If they can't justify investing more into Gwent to their shareholders, then how can we be sure they will do anymore than the average work they have been doing?

I'm not saying Gwent is dying but this expansion in my opinion has been kind of poor in a lot of ways and I think the company is having issues controlling it. Not pointing the blame at any person, because if it is just shareholder value then they literally have no other choice then to focus on where the most value is.

So if any of you can do a detailed financial report on the company and Gwent, and argue that investing in Gwent will lead to more overall shareholder value, then I think we would instantly get more support and testing for the game. But of course, this just isn't the case.


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