Could use more NPC banter variety

It's gotten old hearing that THIS liner is in the top 1% of all liners, or that scanning so-and-so's cargo is strictly against the rules. I'm not sure how hard it would be for them to add more to the game, but more variety (and perhaps some rarity attribute for each) would be a good kick in the liveliness.

For example – passenger ships:

  • This liner has gone X days without an accident! Far longer than our closest competitor!
  • Our trip is coming to a close. Don't forget to grab your tickets at X station before the next launch!
  • Please inquire about our frequent passenger discounts!

The "Getting scanned" group:

  • Honest, that isn't my cargo. This isn't even my ship!
  • Thanks for finding that, officer. I forgot where I'd put that <cargo>
  • I swear, if you scan me one more time, just ONE more time…

Combat trash talk:

  • I will shoot you into next week!
  • That'll buff out!
  • Try it. I have better insurance than you!

And, honestly? For all the NPC's I've saved, I have yet to hear one single song about myself. Really.

What are your suggestions?


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