Courier glitch?

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Hello, has anyone had a glitch where your courier respawns in the middle and then constantly malfunction. It happened to me 3 times for the last week. And out of this 3 times, I've DC before the game start for about a minute come back to realize my courier is appeared in the middle and malfunctions, for instance after I call it up it'll fly to middle and feed it self instead. Is this some sort of punishment by the dota, to stop people from DC-ing before the game.

Which bring up next question, if you're in a toxic bracket, could your games be rigged? I'm talkking about not getting the xpm and gpm your spouse to get. Ive been in toxic brackets even when I'm 9k behavioral score. I mean I'm talking about where games are almost impossible to win and you go on lossing streak loss of 10+ game, and I'm sure some of you have because I've seen plenty of people complaining about it on here.

I've noticed some statistics doest make sense, I'm talking about enemy team farms a lot quick than you are, supports have more items than your team. I've had games where my team is 15-40 and as I carry I kill their dominating carry (19/3 DKR) that has way more farm and xpm, I solo kill him and get 450 gold, and not even a lvl up even though he is 4 lvls above me. Then a minute later I get killed as a 3 kills 4 deaths carry and they get 850 gold for me. And them my Sf does who got obliterated mid and their team get 750 gold for him, in the same fight. Like how is It even possible.

My theory is when dota sees you win too much or you start trash talking to the enemy team the system purposely places you in the lossing streak bracket. Where your xpm and gpm slower, on top of that you're placed with weaker teammates (possibly bots) that purposely make your game impossible to win. I feel like some games that I play my farm is way slower even tho my CS is average, takes a lot longer to lvl up and farm my items than the usual. mean while we kill their carry 3 times in 4 minutes and Ib those 5 minutes he still comes out and is above by 2/3 lvls than your carry. Even though your carry is farming properly on top of that getting kills. It also goes vice versa.

sometimes I would go on 10-15 winning streak and all those games are just easy one sided games and same with the lossing streak. I understand lossing/winning 5 games in a row, but when you have 15 games in a row that are just impossible to win, I mean all 3 lanes are being trashed, and even if you win your lane as a carry, you still get so little gold for the cores that you kill and you lvl up way slower than the enemy team.

I thought about it if they able to punish you with the courier glitch for DC-ing would they also try to punish you other areas, for instant getting least amount of gold and xpm per creeps and heroes. Just a thought, please don't flame, I'm open for discussion and if you guys experienced something similar, would like to hear your output on this.


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