Creating another account?

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Is it a good idea of creating another account?

Will I get banned for this?

My account has around 7.8k hours of dota, playing since 2012, at first I calibrated at 2700mmr but never knew what ranked meant and dropped it so hard. around 2300. Then I climbed back to 2700 and finally in 2014-2015 I reached 3600mmr (my peak) there have been ups and downs of course, but mainly I stayed within that range 3k-3.5k. In 2019 I bought new PC because I was gaming on potato laptop since 2014 everything on low 720p and was having 30fps max.

With my new PC in 2019 I had stable 150+ fps everything MAX, Dota felt amazing but something funny happened. Instead going up with no hardware issues I started going down, reaching 1300mmr or crusader 1.

Now I just can't seem to progress further than archon 2, hell I am even stuck on crusader 3 for months.

I've seen folks including myself bashing on better matchmaking so is it a good idea at least to try recalibrating on brand new account?

Even tho I won't really play after calibrating, just curious what rank I will get.

Edit: thanks for the kind replys I will try it anyways


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