Crew/Follower Mechanic Idea?

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I just thought that it would be cool if there was a structure you can put down that has the radius of the Wards, that spawns AI-controlled Vikings, Soldiers. Etc. They would gather in a circle and you can choose to hire them into your crew, once you do that they will follow you like how Current In-Game Wolves do. It would be cool to be able to hire 10 Soldiers to serve as your Raiding Party, and every human player can have a max amount of crew depending on something like a Charisma or Speechcraft Skill. Can you imagine having 3 of your friends grow separate settlements on the same island(or separated) and you be "kings" of your local villages, and you all decided to call in an "All-Thing" or gathering of you and your friends' tribes they have grown, to go raid distant shores? The Ai-could be like cookie-cutter units like, "Viking Spearmen, Viking Raider, Viking Archer, Berserker, etc…" And then you have your longships filled with these Units and you now have a fleet of 3-4 Longships, each player as a Captain/King of their own Kingdoms. The system could be as simple as reskinning the Wolf into Viking Spearmen, and adding an aggressive or defensive stance to the soldiers. What do you guys think? I thought it would liven up the Villages and raiding, granted I understand this might discourage teamplay because you would have your own raiding parties but we can offset this by making the Viking Soldiers not as strong as the players, added to the fact that they are AI, it could be balanced as such.


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