Crew recruitment with or without ship interiors

Seriously im tired to fly ALONE my 73.3m krait mkII that i love and I think a system like mount and blade can work perfectly on ED (With or without ship interiors)

  • Recruit crew in stations or settlements
  • Crew limited by ship size
  • Crew can buff ship modules
  • Crew can level up and give more bonus to modules
  • Crew can be wounded or die if i take damage and can be healed or replaced (obviously)
  • we can have crew talking to us from time to time giving us for exemple modules status etc…
  • crew can control SLF and do foot missions with us (yes i don't have friend)
  • personnalize them with outfits, etc(possbility to buy with ARX of course).
    I don't see 50 members in my ship but rather quality members, like 3 or 4 specialists with some sorts of class like :

Fly Engineer, who is responsible of flying the ship and the SLF even can buff the radar modules etc..

Commando, who can of course help us in foot missions and can be sniper, assault, or explosive specialist he can also defend the ship by controlling the weapon turrets etc..

Medic, can heal/raise in ship And in on foot missions

Mechanician, can repare ship modules weapons, armors, etc..

why not a biological engineer, crew officers

This are just abstract ideas and can easly be polished by experienced team

(For those who play mount and blade or even submarine games like Uboat or silent hunter series you know what i mean, this are just few example but i know other games do that well)

Finaly sorry for my english don't judge me on that im native french speaker

o7 cmdrs


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