Crewmate Crystals (Idea)

So my idea is, each crewmate holds 1 crystal which is the same as their color. Their crystal will only activate after they complete all their tasks. When activated, the crystal provides a 1 use ability that the crewmate can use to further aid them in killing the imposters. My ability ideas are as follows;

  • A crewmate can use the crystal to kill somebody (using the gun animation) if they are at an enough kill distance away from their target
  • A crewmate can use the crystal to auto-open all doors and auto-fix an active sabotage
  • While looking at Security/Sensors, a crewmate can use the crystal to highlight the names of any players that currently have an activated crystal
  • While looking at Admin, a crewmate can use the crystal to check the exact colors of all players that are in every room

In my opinion, I would love crewmates and imposters to have more special abilities, however making separate roles for each crewmate would turn the game into mafia/werewolf, town of salem etc
where the main goal is to rolecall the game into victory, finding who is unconfirmed and who has a fake claim. In among us, confirming people is different, grouping with people to get alibis and trying to catch imposters in the act. With this idea, rather than people asking for roles, the crewmates and imposters will prove themselves using the abilities on top of alibis and add a new depth to the game.

Since in mafia, people obviously dont claim mafia to win (atleast in among us), its still possible to make imposter roles. To balance this idea;

The imposters gain a new power that can allow them to gain a power boost mid-late game by giving them the ability to go in a killing spree when more and more people start to finish all their tasks.

  • If an imposter kills a crewmate with an activated Crystal, their kill cooldown is reset back to 0, allowing the imposters to kill the Crewmates faster the more people that complete their tasks


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