Crusader to Legend playing… Razor?

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Hello all,

Title says it all. I'm pretty much bad at the game, and been hovering between Crusader-Archon. At crusader IV, I first started playing Razor, and got some pretty insane wins with him. I decided to stick with it, and now, I basically had the dream of all newbs like me become true. Becoming legend in no-time.

I have 156 wins and 90 losses, so I think its safe to say its beyond a matter of luck now. But I didnt make this post to brag about my Dota skills. I'm honestly still a bad player, with slow reactions, a bad laptop and €3 mouse. So the question becomes, why am I winning so much playing Razor offlane?

My teammates sometimes question the pick, and I dont blame them for doing so. I lack stun, teamfight spells, and am not the tankiest of offlaners. What does happen though, is that I often end up absolutely abusing their carry. Static link is obviously very powerful. But getting adept at using plasma field helps to even win difficult lanes most of the time. Many of these games, after devestating their safelane, our team gets some early pushes of. After taking T2+outpost, and controlling their jungle, we often get a win out around the 30 minutes mark.

I have most dmg and tanked in most of my games. I'm sure better players are way more capable of dealing with Razor, but of course curious how far I can still go up the ladder. I know i'm already way above my league at 3100 mmr, as my skill level is probs 2500 at best on good days.

I always go for SnY and BKB, and I'm aware that sticking to one style is hurting my winrate. Its safe to say that despite my winrate, with more game knowledge I could be doing better. Thats why I'd like to hear peoples thought on playing Razor offlane, and why it is working so well for me. Is there a reason why Razor is so good in current Meta? Is making enemy carry regret life decisions crucial on winning games, especially around Archon level


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