Curb your grinding

I'm trying to reach out to epic and the STW community for two reasons:

1) To get STW players opinion on the endless grind in this game.

2) To try and make a change to this if this is something the community wants.

Currently the max powerlevel in STW is 145. What do we have to do to get there? Grind survivor superchargers. How do we get them? If lucky, by the weekly grinding 10 160 missions and doing ventures. How long will this take? Years.

I get the feeling that the epic are building STW around the strategy of keeping players in the game as long as possible through grinding, instead of focusing on fun missions and a good story. I'm not talking about grinding for mats, I'm talking about the grind that comes when you are in end game just to get to a higher powerlevel. I'm currently pl 134, and I know I will be long gone before the day comes that I bother to get to pl 145 the way it is set up today.

I used to love playing STW. I still play it on a daily basis, but this venture season took the light out of the game for me. Endless grinds, bugs that just ruin the overall gameplay, and a modifier that well.. just was not good to put it lightly. On top of this it is just demotivating to know that the only way to progress even slightly is through an endless venture grind that repeats itself. I honestly thought the first 3-4 venture seasons was kind of fun. Even though it was a huge letdown of how "weak" the superchargers were. I'm close to just quitting STW, but a small part of me still believes this game might have a future, even though I'm pretty sure epic has completely given up on STW.

That is my opinion though, I would love to hear what other players think of this, and what we can do to make a change in this game for the better if this is how everyone feels.


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