Current Chads the flea at 20 and how they are meshing.

I’m seeing lots of complaints about wipe only lasting a week. Does anyone think that the number of kitted players will go down in a week or two?I can’t help but feel like we’re seeing the first wave so to speak. Players like me who while leveling to 20 for flea stuffed stupid amounts of crap into as many containers as they could buy because they had nothing else to spend their money on. Now I’m able to buy the absolute best gear because of that slush fund but I’m seeing prices rise and my slush fund go down pretty quickly. More so due to increased demand for items as more players reach flea. End wipe chads are coming for sure. They’re dumping stupid hours into the game and reaping its reward but I feel like I’m more middle of the road and averageish.
My TLDR is I believe we are seeing an unsustainable end wipe chad kit breakout that will level off some as the next week or two progress.
What are y’all’s thoughts?


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