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the witcher and ciri gwent

Before I say anything I wish to say that NR is my favorite faction. And Foltest is my favorite character in Witcher universe (you can see that from my flair). But right now the situation of this faction is very painfull to me. Because this faction has been a "boosty, boosty" faction for the last 2 expansions.

Why CDPR doent do something diffrent is mind boggling. Not like there isnt any interesting concepts. To name a few …

Cursed NR, was a already existing archetype that was about swarming the board in beta gwent. Right now we just have Meve as a payoff card for swarm. But just a single expansion we can have an entire new way of playing NR. (and we can also make adda a cursed payoff card too.)

Warfare/Resupply NR, is a very cool archetype. And has a few decent tools too. Siege Master and Reinforced balista are very cool cards, but this archetype lacks good high P golds that care about playing Warfare and Siege Engines, and it doesnt have any good Warefare cards that are high P (exept AA). Again just a single expansion would make this a breath of fresh air for NR players.

Mage NR, is another archetype that hasnt been explored and looked at. Right now only cards we have is Ban Ard Tutor, Spellweaver and Deathmold. Dont get me wrong none of these cards are bad cards, but just 3 cards is not enough for a archetype. But we can so much for this archetype, we can print cards like Triss, Yen advisor (since both of these powerfull sourcerers was once advisors to powefull NR monarchs) or we can print new cards and bring more depth to charge mechanic.

Shield NR, is archetype with some promise but again it just has a few cards and thats it. The main card we have is King Rogner, and Immortals. Lets start with Rogner, this card is a good card and gets you so many value, true. But it goes too tall and one tall punish and your entire gameplan is ruined. This is a easy card to fix tho, just make it "Damage an enemy unit by 3 for every allied unit that has Shield" and increase its P. Immortals is a good card but there in only 1 card in NR that remove shields. Again just a small update, or a expansions and a new archetype.

What I want is a new way to play this faction. I dont want to just boost my units. Please CDPR and devs stop this boost trend with NR. It is a very cool faction but if you keep going like this it will become the most boring faction. I know Witchers are new archetype but most of the cards you play are naturals and again all you do is boost you units. (I dont know if any of the devs will actually read this but worth a shot)


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