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Hey people,

Is there something wrong with matchmaking lately? Went through a streak of losses, like rarely seen before.
If we don't consider the win with cm, that'd be 14 losses in a row so far.
I'm not an excellent player, far from that, Crusader 2 something, quite chill.

What sparked the question is that the matchmaking system has always been calibrated to aim for a win rate of about 50%.
But lately, I've been seeing a ton of hard carries finishing at 32-1, bands of two with excellent gameplay where it's obvious they have been playing together for a long time, matched against people who are pretty new or who haven't touched the game in ages.

A lot of stomps, games aren't funny anymore, I miss the ones where everyone is about the same rank, and it's becoming pretty rare to find these ones. I don't mind losing or wining, it's just that no matter what level you are, the game is way better when you're matched against similar players.
The situation creates a lot of toxicity of course, and in my 5 daily Overwatch reviews, I get a lot of people being reported for feeding or griefing, when it's just a poor guy having a bad game
(btw, pls report people only when they obviously feed or grief thanks, you'll save everyone's time)

Is that a sign of less people playing, and the matchmaking system grouping people together with a wider range of level? Do we see more smurfs than ever?

edit: this is SEA, Australia more specifically.


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