current state of the game?

Been on hiatus for almost a year or so. Game has expansions on woods? Customs? Scavs seem to be running around now. More agressive? Firefights in early game also seem way more brutal. More bleeds all around? When playing scavs i tend to meet way more enemy player scavs, too.

Meds got more expensive. Bandages don't work like they used to do. Now you need those red spaghetti tourniquets. Game seems more brutal than 12,4 used to be…

What does the community here think? How do you like the 12,9 patch so far? How is the netcode, spawns, loot/weapon/game balance? How is economy? Any decent New guns to watch out for or to ignore? Any tips?

Are those new cultist thingies any good/ worth farming? How is sanitar as a boss? Is labs fixed, regarding cheaters? Any hieroglyph people still in EU servers? There is no RR extract on woods, anymore, right? Also why it costs so much now????


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