Cursed Queue – A Science Experiment?

So my friends and I started to notice that our queues were really long. Especially in Factory. We've been queueing naked with pistols, trying to complete the "get 3 kills" quest.

Our queues were typically 7:00 minutes. We noticed when we queued geared, we'd queue in in 1-2 minutes.

We then developed a theory: There's a cursed queue. The idea is – If you queue in with someone in your group who's cursed (just pistol, no armor) or their gear doesn't meet a certain value threshhold, you get put into the shitter queue.

We then did about 20 raids in factory. The theory held up.

Anytime we had a "cursed" person with us, we ran into mostly pistol boys/no armor boys OR groups with pistol boys/naked boys.

Anytime we went in geared (armor, primary, rigs) we'd queue in 1-2 minutes. We also ran into geared boys and had great firefights during these queues.

We did these queues in two chunks. We mixed geared queues and cursed queues in. Going geared, then cursed. So it wasn't the time of day or anything causing this. This is also on all US servers.

We saw 0 chads in over a dozen pistol runs. Mostly just naked boys.

Tl;dr my friends and I feel like this can't be coincidental and there's a new cursed queue for little weenies.


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