Custom mini game idea – Play in the Pro’s shoes

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Is it possible to take a game that was played in a pro tournament, and your team populates one side, and the other team populates another side at a certain time in the game?

For example, you take LGD v OG at game 3 at Ti8. The one where Topsons on arc warden, Bigdaddy on Silencer and Ceb on Pugna and they are down by 15k Gold and they manage to hold the base, kill the enemy heroes, and then they run up mid and end.

Could we populate 5 people on OG side and 5 people into LGD heroes at that moment (53:51) and then you get to play out the rest of the match?

That's an obvious game that comes to my mind, but it would be good to have it when teams are even in the midgame, or when the net gold or xp has swung a little to either side.

It would be good content to allow pros to revisit key points in the game and re-play the game out from a specific time with 20-20 hindsight.

It would be like 5 man puzzles, which would help team cohesion.

Just an idea, feel free to shit all over it.


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