Customs makes me not want to play this game at all

I fucking HATE Customs. It is such a terrible map. The fact that almost every single quest takes place on this godforsaken awful map is enough to make me want to stop playing Tarkov as it is a literal chore to boot up this map. I as a player cannot progress without having to constantly play this map and do the quests which a majority of them takes place in dorms, the biggest chokehold point for any team that takes control of it.

"Just lurn it hurrr"

I did. Thats why I can say with confidence that this map is the hottest dogshit in the game. It does not fill any gap that other maps fail to do. Shit loot, way too many choke points, spawns fucking suck. Seriously, DIVERSIFY THE QUESTS BETWEEN DIFFERENT MAPS! The less I have to play Customs, the more I enjoy the game. But Customs just straight does it for me. I cannot portray my feelings about this map in words that exist in any language.


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  • Dan 17.11.2020 in 23:02

    It is fucking dogshit, you’re not wrong.

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