“Cut the Support” quest in ventures is ridiculous and basically impossible to complete.

The "Cut the Support" quest in ventures is ridiculously hard to complete due to how RNG and rare flingers are in this game. First off all, Flingers only spawn SOMETIMES in very few mission types, and when you just so happen to get a "flinger wave," you have to make sure your teammates don't kill them before you damage it, and you probably won't even get them all because you have to get 10 of them, which is incredibly annoying because you're just going to have to get lucky with RNG again. Sorry if this post made no sense, but I have had this quest for almost 3 weeks and I only have 2/10 flingers and I just lost a mission because both me and my three other teammates were specifically targeting flingers.

This quest alone makes me dred the beginning of each venture season because I know how long it is going to take. Some adjustments to this quest would be nice. For example, guarantee flinger spawns if someone in the game has the "Cut the Support" quest, or just flat out decrease the required amount of flingers.

Thank you!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/lon8ni/cut_the_support_quest_in_ventures_is_ridiculous/

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