Damnit Fenton!

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Been working on taming a pair of wolves. I've only just got bronze equipment, but my seed has a mountain next to a black forest on my starting landmass and I often get keen with mini projects no matter how daft they are.

After a lot of work, and more deaths than I want to consider, I tame my first wolf, name him Fenton, and lead him to my home base. Repeat the process on the second, with the stubborn thing getting itself stuck where it couldn't get the meat. So I have to sacrifice myself to unstick her. But, eventually, Moon Moon is tamed and we make our way home.

I'm just introducing the two of them, over a romantic dinner of deer ribs, congratulating myself on achieving my own wolf pack in all but name…

"The forest is moving"

Ok, not ideal, but my base is surrounded by a moat, we can just wait it out…

Fenton and Moon Moon live up to their name sakes, and dash into the moat, ready to defend the house. Leaving them as sitting ducks – well, wolves – as they get bombarded with thrown rocks.
Moon moon survived. Fenton did not.

RIP Fenton. Next time I am locking them in the pen rather than letting one out to meet the other (was worried limited space might restrict pups)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/s1s84n/damnit_fenton/

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