Day 3 Meta Thoughts From Some Random Player

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

Here's my thoughts on the meta thus far, with a simple ranking. Sorry, it won't be as fancy or as accurate as any of the teams as I'm just a single player wanting to share my thoughts. I'm pulling decks from PlayGwent that I think are representative of what the popular / good option is.

Control is absolutely dominant right now. NG Imprisonment is insane as is Reckless Flurry. I would also say Enslave is in a great spot at the moment. There's very little reason to run devotion right now. Heatwave and Xavier will win a lot of games on their own.

NR Mages is not as good of a deck as it seems. It wrecks havoc against players who don't have answers for it or use their answers on the wrong cards. The higher you climb, the worse of a deck it becomes. The secret: at least one student has to be answered at patience 2. Waiting until 3 means that Shani could resurrect it and Alumni will win the game later on. If your deck is light on removal, stick to instantly removing one of the students, preferrably Ban Ard, ASAP. This will also deny Alumni and will prevent your engines from getting sniped later on. While everyone is currently obsessed with Meditation Mages, Alumni are the main drivers in this deck. Meditation Mages, if they stick, are mainly to help prevent going down a card in round 2 or helping prevent the bleed. Yes, you will occasionally get meme'd on by this 4p bronze but I would argue it's more healthy than not.

Tier 1

NG Imprisonment (Assimilate)

The reigning champion from last season continues its reign. Imprisonment is back on the menu as the meta is as greedy as ever and lock removal is relatively light, compared to previously (when ST was one of the main decks to control and Mahakam Ale was popular).

Reckless Flurry Control

This deck is as good as ever. It has ample ways to deal with anything the opponent can throw at it. It's also very flexible in how you build it. Portal is mostly out (but still decent) and discard package is in.

Tier 2

Enslave 5

There's so many ways you can go with this. Copying the Assimilate deck is an option. There are also more tempo heavy decks using Sunset Wanderers still. I think you could even pull off Ciri Nova here, but be careful because purify is pretty popular right now. The main thing is that your 5p and 4p removal is really useful right now and this leader encourages that. I suggest Assimilate just because Experimental Remedy is a sleeper card at the moment with the ability to get huge value from NR Mages.


For all intents and purposes, Syndicate has completely vanished from the meta. I have gone against 1 SY player in my last 50 games and a total of 4 in my last 100 games. Not kidding. With that said, the lack of representation is probably more due to the difficulty of building the deck and players waiting for that to come along. I'm placing this in the middle of Tier 2 on guesswork alone.

NR Mages

I think this deck is good, just heavily meta dependent. I still prefer to run the duel package for a bit of interaction. The boost student has a ton of synergy with it and it helps give the deck a fair amount of control, on top of the Alumni spam.

SK Rain

Is the deck as good as everyone would make you believe? Maybe. I think it's tier 2/tier 3. It's extremely prone to graveyard hate and Melusine still has problems sticking.


Sorceress is great at dealing with NR mages. There's a few different decks floating around right now, mainly Invigorate and Symbiosis (non devotion).

Tier 3


Pls no.


Not only do you get dunked on from all of the Control decks at the top of ladder, but you will also get meme'd on by Rioghan and NR mages. It's best to put this deck on the shelf for right now.


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