Day of a Crewposter (Part 1)

Note: "Day of a Crewposter" is a fake story series I'm making up. I did not steal any ideas, and I hope you enjoy them. I can only make stories Mondays-Fridays. 🙁

My name is Creole. I am 50% Imposter and 50% Crewmate. It makes me a Crewposter. I thought I was alone. I used to go to a school where there were other crewposters. My dad is a Crewmate who lost his job. I was forced to go to a Crewmate school and move. I have a twin sister who is 100% Crewmate. My mom is an Imposter. This is my story.

I hate this school! I learn about tasks! My mom says tasks are not important. My dad says it is important. Whatever. This school day is almost done. Then, when I'm about to go home, the school bully, Nova, came to me. Oh no. "Hey you, Crew-fake-ole. Why don't you hide in the vent. After all, your imposter tongue is short, like your IQ." I feel something in my mouth. Something is coming. And then…


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