Day of a Crewposter (Part 4)

Note: "Day of a Crewposter" is a fake story series I'm making up. I did not steal any ideas, and I hope you enjoy them. I can only make stories Mondays-Fridays. 🙁

"Do you want to be my friend?" the person said. I almost spit out my leftover spaghetti lunch.

"Are you talking to the right person?" I asked.

"Yeah. Do you want to be my friend?" he asked.

"S-sure," I said. My first friend! Do not screw this up.

"So, what's your name?" he asked.

"Creole," I said.

"Well, Creole, my name is Jack," Jack said.

"Hi, Jack," I said.

"So, I've heard a rumor…"

"About me being a 50% Crewmate and 50% Imposter? It's true"

"Oh. Anyway, I have a question… my parents are allowing me to get a pet. Should I get a Mini- Crewmate?"

"No. That's kind of like a child. Would you like to get a child?"

"What the- NO!"

"Then get a robot"


"No need to food or poo. Just charging. And you can cheat on homework"

"Oooh. I like that."

The school bell rang.

"Well, lunchtime is over. I'm glad I am your friend. Bye!"


After he left, I thought, I'm glad I met you, Jack.

The story continues in Part 5!


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