Day of a Crewposter (Part 5)

Note: "Day of a Crewposter" is a fake story series I'm making up. I did not steal any ideas, and I hope you enjoy them. I can only make stories Mondays-Fridays. 🙁

After school, I went home. My skin was Purple and I was a knight. My mom had a Red skin and had a lily pad hat. My dad was Blue skin and had a fedora. My sister was a Cyan skin. Her hat? Not really sure. Let's see. I went into her room, I saw she had Bear Ears.

"Really?" I said. "Bear ears"

"What did you choose," she said. "Wolf ears?"



I went into my room. I saw my dad coming.

"Hey son"


"So you chose the knight helmet. NOICE"

I laughed.

"Did you make a friend?"


"Well, my mom needs me, so, see you later"

"Ok dad"

A few hours later…

I was in bed when I heard a noise. I went out of bed, and when I came into the kitchen, I saw…

The story continues in Part 6!


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