Day of a Crewposter (Part 6)

Note: "Day of a Crewposter" is a fake story series I'm making up. I did not steal any ideas, and I hope you enjoy them. I can only make stories Mondays-Fridays. 🙁

(Also, I posted this yesterday but it was removed. SO I posted it again)

I saw… Dad. Fixing. A light. Bulb.

"Um…Dad" I said a bit too loud.

Dad almost fell backward, and I tried to push him back onto the table.

BIG MISTAKE. It felt like he was crushing my bones. He regained his balance.

"S-sorry Creole. Are you okay"

"For the most part. What are you doing?"

"Replacing the light bulb"


"Yes, son?"

"Do you and Mom love each other"

"What on Polus makes you say that?"

"You fight a lot"

"We still love each other. Go to sleep sleepyhead"

I went to bed with confusion, disbelief, and worst of all, misery.

The story continues in Part 7!


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