Day of a Crewposter (Part 7)

Note: "Day of a Crewposter" is a fake story series I'm making up. I did not steal any ideas, and I hope you enjoy them. I can only make stories Mondays-Fridays. 🙁

I woke up the next morning, just mainly in misery. Anyway, I went into the bathroom. I brush my teeth. I saw that my sister was there. Her teeth are square, while mine is sharp as a razor triangle. When I went downstairs, I saw waffles on the table.

"Hey, Mom? Did you make this?" I said

"Yes, I and your father made these together," she said with a smile.

I almost spitted out my waffle. Mom, and Dad, made these, together?!??! I could see the shock on my sister's face. I don't know how, or why they made these. But I'm not complaining. They are delicious. Almost too delicious. But, whatever.

I went to school. I saw that my teacher was teaching us about sabotages. Wait… didn't he say he would teach us about how to do Admin Swipe first try?

"What happened to Admin Swipe?" a fellow classmate asked.

"Uh, there has been a change of plans. Please bear with me"

When it was time for lunch, I saw workers rush into 02. And then, an alarm started.

The story continues in Part 8! I didn't make Part 7 sooner because I was thinking of the story. Please accept my apologies…


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