DeadlySlob’s Hardcore series has got me back on my feet…

I'm on my second playthrough this wipe. Hit level 40 today. It's a very different experience playing the game at the moment as opposed to the start of the wipe. Better in some ways (no 250000₽ hoses), worse in others (fighting fully geared bois with an ADAR loaded with 856A1. Though that's a lot of fun too in fairness).

But for the last week I've just been getting clapped. Day in, day out. I was ready to quit for a while but ended up watching the first three episodes of DS' Hardcore series on YouTube. They're well edited and never dull despite a slow, methodical playstyle. Adopting some of his method has put me back in the game. It's not sitting in a bush for twenty minutes waiting for a player to pass. It's just not being dumb.

Also, his drunk Christmas stream after the wipe was announced is possibly my favourite Twitch moment ever, cos I was pretty drunk too and the tunes were banging.


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