Dealing with Syndicate Decks

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Hi all!
I've been pretty frustrated by every encounter I've had against a Syndicate deck. It seems incredibly overpowered to me; I get that it's an engine that relies on coins, but it seems as if every card they play generates coins so they can use all of their abilities almost without limit. On top of that it feels nearly impossible to get any kind of engine running against them because they can gain coins, stack up points, and effortlessly kill any cards I put down all at the same time. Most games it feels like by turn 3 they've killed every card I've tried to put down while racking up like 15 points at the same time.

So I guess my point is, what am I missing? Any tips? With other decks the strategy seems to be taking out some of their engine powering cards as early as you can, but with Syndicate there's no way to get rid of their coins, so I'm kind of at a loss.


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