Dealing with toxic teammates

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To preface this, a big part of my mentality in Dota is that being introspective about failures is way more productive than complaining about other things you can't control. I can't MAKE my team play in a way that I think is "correct" and it probably isn't anyway, so no sense in worrying about it.

With that said, it feels like nearly every single game I've played recently has involved an unbelievable amount of toxicity. Intentional feeding over lane disagreements, buying up wards, griefing in any form. It seems like regardless of the lane I choose or position I play, there's nothing I can really do to secure a win anymore. Either the other team has three griefers throwing or my team has three griefers throwing, and that's how the win is determined.

I love Dota and have been playing for many years now (not well lol), toxicity is what it is and is generally ignorable. But this seemingly endless string of sabotaging teammates is very frustrating. Is there any way to overcome a game, mechanically or psychologically, where your two midlaners are buying up wards, your position 5 is farming jungle, etc, or should I just buckle up and watch 30-45 minutes of my life bleed away?


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