Dear AX Community

How well are AX ships equipped to handle a PVP attack from another Commander? Nuke is a Far God zealot who believes he's been called by the Spirit to engage in open hostilities against the AX, should shit hit the fan as it seems likely to do. However, I know enough about AX to know that it takes a lot of real-world time and preparation to get into – and I'm not trying to fuck up anybody's good time or interrupt someone trying to solo a Hydra.

It would be awesome if the AX had some contingent prepared to defend against militant extremism, but I'm not doing it if it's just going to be me popping helpless AX combatants. (Not that I'm morally opposed to such shenanigans; it just isn't my style – unless of course it's generally accepted within the AX community as one of the hazards inherent in their venture.)

All viewpoints are welcome.

Nuke out, o7.


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