Dear FashionSniper, I have your meta MK47. Do you want it back?

Yesterday, I was strolling through Reserve on a scav run like any normal day. I had found a vaseline, so I was riding high. Between the Tunguskas, I find a dead chad. He was completely unlooted, and had a meta MK-47, 4 mags of BP, Killa Armour, Ulach, various meds, and a found in raid mag case. I had found an RB-VO gamer.

I checked his dogtag. Who in their right mind would kill such a daddy thiccums and then not loot his very valuable and high level shit. I need to find them so I can chastise them. Then I see it: Killed with an MP-155 by a certain scav, Ivan Ivanovich (real name redacted [I forgot]). This poor, rich man.

I feel guilty. I spawned into Reserve to grab bottom of the barrel loot left behind by PMCs, and I stumble across a man with some of the best gear in the game. I know he, with his disgustingly large amount of wealth, is probably lying awake at night thinking about how he lost a small fraction of his horded gold.

But still, he got tarkoved right in the face by a dolphin diving shotgun scav. I feel for you.

So here's the deal FashionSniper. If you respond to my friend request in game (you'll know the one), I will bring back all the non-found in raid items you had on you including the ammo. The mag case I'm keeping, because I already sold it. I need the money. Sorry. After a day or two, I'm going to full send it on Reserve and cannot tell you what will happen to it.

I showed you my post, pls respond


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