Dear Perpetrators of Scav-on-Scav Violence…

Considering we don't even have patch notes yet as of my writing this, here are some thoughts on those of you who still shoot other scavs on sight. Feel free to ring in with your take, but here's mine:

  1. We do not know what repercussions negative scav karma will have. For all we know, there's a magic threshold that decides whether or not AI scavs will straight up shoot you from the beginning of a raid because they know you're a scav killer. It is incredibly brash to assume you know how the system works. If you kill scavs right now, you take full responsibility for them shooting you on sight for the rest of the wipe.
  2. We also don't know if there are some insane benefits to having positive scav karma. You may be losing out on great deals on gear through Fence, rewards and other benefits, all because you're killing fellow scavs with, again, no concrete knowledge of how a suddenly very important game mechanic works.
  3. It's frustrating to scav into raids and have to play around other players' ignorance to the new karma system. It's even more frustrating because I just know that these same people are going to start bitching in a week about how bad the system is and how much they hate it, all because they paid no attention to it and the repercussions bit them in the ass.

Happy wipe-mas.


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