Defence of the Galactic Summit vs Supplies

This is just my experience, depending on your skill it will differ.

In Solo, not winged my fully engineered Corvette with Lance SLF makes a touch over 12 million bounty credits an hour. Can be built after about 530 hours of game play.

My A rated, FSD engineered only , T9 moves 3920 tons of cargo in an hour. Can be built after about 14 hours of game play.

With 14 hours to go both could make the top 25% mark in their respective goals in 3.5 hours.

The Corvette took a week to grind out, at least 30 hours, and then add the engineering and Guardian unlocks as well as material grinds, so 500 hours? Then its cost, 870 million.

Compare to the A rated Type 9, can buy as soon as you can mine the credits, Cobra MK 3 in platinum hazres 36 mil an hour so 8 hours mining, Farseer FSD 6 hours if you are taking your time. Cost 200 million.

Of course I like combat and space trucking is not my thing. All the same someone with two weeks in the game can do as well in this CG as someone with thousands.

Honorable mention, my fully engineered Krait MK II can bring in 10 million in bond credits an hour. Same amount of engineering hours obviously as the vette but no rank grind and 227 million credits.



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