Defense Strategy: Inner Spike, Outer Dart, Double Walls

After failing a Repair the Shelter mission, I considered rethinking and improving my defense strategy for solo trap-heavy play. Before, I used a single-wall defense, with wall darts installed on the walls and damage traps placed in front of them. Now, having noticed that freeze traps have good synergy with wall darts and that double-wall defense is a surefire way to ensure mission success, I have come up with the idea of building a double-wall defense in the form of a doughnut-shaped tunnel surrounding the critical area to defend, all made out of fully upgraded metal building pieces. Then, I would fill the entire floor inside the doughnut tunnel with damage traps, then line the inner wall with spike traps that will hurt husks that melee the wall that's basically the last line of defense. Then, I put wall darts on the outer wall so that they shoot the advancing husks, while placing freeze traps to freeze them in place so that they are not given an immediate chance to melee the outer wall, allowing the wall darts to easily obliterate them. Defender posts can be installed atop the doughnut and they can pick off the husks from where they stand. With this setup, which I dub "inner spikes, outer darts, double walls", I think melee husks (save for a Smasher) don't stand a chance. What do you think?

A postscript: I accidentally recycled my freeze trap schematic. Which could make this a little problematic.


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