Defibrilators, make them great

Dear BSG Devs and escapers,

I would like to share some of my ideas including defibrilators with you, but at first I would like to thank the whole development-team for their work, you guys are doing great, please keep up the great work and maybe some of my ideas will also help to make the game a bit better šŸ˜€

LetĀ“s start with my ideas, as said in the title itĀ“s mostly about defibrilators.

We all know the situation where a mate dies to a scav or some low geared players and you have to dump their shit a few seconds later. This is very annoying and it would be nice if the defibrilators which are already implementend could be useable, so that the whole squad can continue the raid.

If the defibrilator would need a good amount of time ( for example 60 seconds) and would have around 3 to 5 uses, it cannot be abuse in a firefight, but if your squad wins the fight you have the advantage to revive your team.

I thought a lot about the "this is too OP" or "this will be abused " argument but I donĀ“t see it that way.

Would be nice to hear some other opinions about it , or some leaks if something like this is planned ;D


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