Delete Heatwave

the witcher and ciri gwent

I’ve been playing for a while and I find myself again and again coming to this conclusion. It seems counter to the spirit of these games, where we build decks that operate around a central idea, but one card can disrupt that entire premise. And when so many people use it, you’re turning the experience into one where you hesitate to commit to the very thing you built your deck around.

Should there really be a card that Is an answer to everything? That is very nearly auto-include no matter what the deck because of how powerful a utility it is? Devotion is an inferior play just based on the fact that you are ruling out using Heatwave, and will almost certainly face one.

There will of course be those who respond and say that this isn’t always true; of course it isn’t, nothing is universal. But in my personal experience, the card that I see most frequently and must gameplan against most often is heatwave.

If removing it entirely isn’t an option, then either raise the cost to match the power and influence it has on the game, or change what it does. Have it affect creatures or most everything but scenarios, or only scenarios. Narrow the scope a bit.

Removing the threat of an answer-to-anything card would not only free up play-styles, it would also add value to cards that offer similar, more understated abilities. Decks on the fringe might have more of a chance to be viable. Dogs and cats live together. More fun is had by all.

Just my two cents.


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