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Escapers! Here are the highlights of what was said during the latest TarkovTV Devblog:

  • Patch 0.12.5 is planned for the beginning of next week after it there will be 0.12.6, there is no exact release date yet. At the moment, testing is underway and the patchnote for patch 0.12.6 is not ready yet.
  • The wipe will take place in 0.12.6, however, we will save the progress of examining items and weapon presets.
  • Before wipe, for 3-4 days, there will be pre-wipe events, info about them will be reported closer to the point.
  • After the wipe, at the flea market, you will only allowed to sell items that have found in raid status.
  • "Run through" status-will reset the “found in raid " status from items.
  • Patch 0.12.5 will be without content, it contains fixes, optimization and new mechanics (quick treatment by therapist, mouse sensitivity depending on the multiplicity of the sight, and so on).
  • It is planned to rework loot on locations, its spawn locations, and the loot pools themselves.
  • Random places with loot are planned. Also, it is planned to introduce a feature so that the AI will protect places with valuable loot.
  • The first part of skill system rework will be in 0.12.7.
  • Regarding Steam Audio: the developers of Hired Ops asked BSG for a module to implement in their game (HOps). Positioning already works cool, it becomes clear where the enemy is, not just on the left or right, but also behind and above your position or in front and below. The game will have Steam Audio in 0.12.6. You can check this feature out already in Hired Ops.
  • A new caliber will be added to the game .45 ACP and several weapons samples are planned for it. In 0.12.6 there will be Colt 1911, later UMP and Kriss Vector.
  • Almost the entire team of level designers is working on a new location — Streets of Tarkov. Nikita confirmed that there will be up to 40 players on the map. Developers like the idea that you can get lost on location. The screenshot showed a helicopter flying near one of the high-rise buildings.
  • Work is underway on new equipment for the scavs-cheap, bad-looking-something like survival gear.
  • It is planned to rebalance various thermal imagers after adding more of them.
  • New boss for the Shoreline location, name: Sanitar. Not much of a fighter, who uses stimulants. Also, he will have various unique stimulants in his inventory. One of them is MULE, for carrying weights and another with interesting effects called " Obdolbos”, the development of the Sanitar himself.
  • Customs expansion is planned for 0.12.6. One of the new buildings will be the base for Reshala and his crew. Perhaps there will be an underground level at the new part of the location, or at some building.
  • In 0.12.7 or 0.12.8 it's planned to add a USP pistol in three variants at once.
  • Demonstrated more detailed customization of weapons on the example of Colt 1911.
  • Demonstrated a work in progress video of the PPSH. The introduction of PPSH in the game looks logical and realistic, since there are many military warehouses on the territory of Russia, where a large number of PPSH is stored.
  • About cheaters: every day from 1500 to 2000 dishonest players are banned. Approximately 50,000 dishonest players were blocked in March. This month it is expected that there will be more of them. The team is constantly working with the BattlEye developers.
  • The game will have a system of reports: both on suspiciously acting players, and on all sorts of exploits, bugs, and obscene nicknames.
  • Post-FX filters will be introduced in patch 0.12.5. NVIDIA has prematurely disabled its FreeStyle filters. They are now working again, but they will be completely disabled starting from May 1. Support for NVIDIA Highlights will also be disabled since this system was used by cheaters.
  • Items taken from players in raid will still not have the "found in raid" status.
  • Barters for dogtags will continue to be added. Conditions for bartering with dogtags are planned to be revised (quantity, levels).
  • About the cultists: Nikita refused to talk about it, the players will see for themselves when they are added. In which patch? In any.
  • Unity is scheduled to be updated to version 2019. This will give devs even more tools for optimizing and developing the project.
  • They work with spawns on maps all the time. Bugs are being fixed. Spawn points are edited constantly, including the ones based on feedback from players. The following patches will also bring changes for spawns fixing.
  • With the wipe, there will also be changes in the VAL/VSS characteristics.
  • In post-raid treatment, you will be able to see statistics on damaged parts of the body — injuries (where, how, and with what cartridge). More detailed reports may be added in the future.
  • Customization of armored rigs and plate carriers is quite a big and serious feature. Most likely it will be added in patch 0.13, along with Streets of Tarkov .
  • Compass: possibly in 0.12.7.


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