Developer Update 8.5 Summary

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Some key points

  • New starter decks are coming with this update. They want to introduce more faction aspects and mechanics, making them stronger at the same time.
  • Stratagems will receive a huge rework, as developers want to make the stratagem choice more variable.
  • Some old cards will become Location cards with slightly different abilities.
  • Improvements to leader abilities are coming, but devs don't want to change them fundamentally. More charges – more flexability.
  • They're not ready for Stockpile change yet
  • The Expansion release date is yet to be confirmed, but it's going to happen in the beginning of June. It will deliver 26 new cards packaged as an expansion.
  • The title for the expansion is "Price of Power" and it will contain three card drops. Every card-drop will have its own little story that fits the Price of Power. Every part will have an own reveal campaign and cinematic-trailer.

  • According to the devs, ST will stay pretty much the same
  • Weather synergy is back, this time with Fog for MO. (Dagon hype!!!)
  • NR is the faction that receives the "Switching-up"
  • The triptych arts are back, specifically the "Poor Fucking Infantry" one
  • The Journey reveal starts 3 days before this season ends, so watch out! (Okay, we're still acting like it's not Triss)


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