Did CDPR unintentionally nerf Priscilla?

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I always like Dandelion (NR) and Priscilla. Yes, they weren't particularly good, but nevertheless I always had a soft spot for them.

When they changed the charges archetype to cooldown, I thought and still think it was a good move.

That being said, I am not over happy with the changes to these two cards. While Dandelion is overall alright, just like he was before, Priscilla feels too clunky and not worth her provisions. Firstly, why give her an heal ability? A faction built entirely around boost, how many times do you really find yourself healing? This would have been fine had they at least given her formation. For some reason devs are trying actively to avoid over using this keyword. Why? Only they can explain.

Lastly, reset cooldown is very specific to get max value off. Best cards to take advantage of this are – war elephant, Shani, Foltest's Pride, and War Chariot. This small complaint but I thought I would put it out nonetheless.

Overall, she needs some buff. Preferably give her formation and change from heal 4 to boost by 2 as a start.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/orgk0v/did_cdpr_unintentionally_nerf_priscilla/

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