Did FDEV Realize FOMO mechanics in Elite is a bad idea?

I know there are 2-3 previous CGs where you had to participate, and get within the top 75% to obtain certain double engineered modules otherwise you wouldn't get it.

Now I am fully aware the modules aren't super great, and they are pretty specific, but the point still stands that they introduced *gameplay effecting* modules (not cosmetic only) that you could only obtain if you played for that specific week, at that specific system doing a specific task. That just screams FOMO to me, and that's the kind of stuff you see in shitty free to play MMOs on a daily basis but I strongly feel Elite shouldn't have such things. Players should be able to play at their own pace and have the option to unlock *any* module or ship without having to participate in these weekly CGs. They can do whatever they want with cosmetic only items, but not with something that effects actual gameplay, even if it's very minor.

**That also means the Cobra IV should be available to everyone.**

So if FDEV decided to stop doing that, and add these unique items on the tech broker, I would like to say Thank You for being reasonable.

(FOMO = Fear of Missing Out)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/lcn6g4/did_fdev_realize_fomo_mechanics_in_elite_is_a_bad/

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